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Warring States, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Shinobi World War areas

19 April 2018

Black Zetsu, the embodiment of Kaguya's will, has taken over the body of the Konoha Librarian, forcing her to take any player back in time to the Warring States, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Shinobi World Wars, simply by taking out a book from the shelves then giving it to her. The version of these wars that is shown, though, is one that Black Zetsu and hence Kaguya want you to see so that you want to give in to the Eye of the Moon plan and the Infinite Tsukuyomi and let her take over your soul! But don't worry, because the actual 4th Shinobi World War is in too, as is Turtle Island. Just go to TANKI to go to Turtle Island and explore this new level 150-200 area, and also the 4th Shinobi World War can be found from Yamato's treehouse on the island, which is for levels 200-300. Find it and resist the Infinite Tsukuyomi! You can explore Warring States (level 80-100), 1st Shinobi World War (100-120), 2nd Shinobi World War (120-140) and 3rd Shinobi World War (140-160) too but remember that you are seeing what Black Zetsu wants you to see, the belief that Madara and the Akatsuki are the good guys! I hope you all enjoy this step back in time.

Hiraishin: Flying Thunder God and Shunshin: Body Flicker

15 April 2018

While technically we had commands called Hiraishin and Shunshin previously, they weren't really Hiraishin and Shunshin in any realistic sense; they were in reality stock spells that exist in almost every MUD called portal and gate respectively. We have now given them a major facelift so that they not only work in accordance with how they worked in the anime and manga but they also have attacks. Hiraishin lets you store up to 12 different anki points for you to get to immediately while Shunshin now lets you zip around any area, including those that are protected like our war areas and crypt. Anki has also been changed to cost chakra instead of stamina, is a lot cheaper and there are many more anki points. For a limited time we are also keeping our old versions of Hiraishin and Shunshin too.

We now have Saisei: Self-repairing barrier

7 April 2018

It's been a long time since we last had a new barrier, but now we have the 3rd general-use barrier, Saisei, available to remorts, and you can get it as soon as you pass your remort exam too - no need to actually remort. Just go to Turtle Island, try to take Samehada from out of Killer Bee's closet, then kill Kisame after he appears from Samehada and hey presto you've learned it to 1%. If 1% isn't enough for you, then never fear, for you can train it in the Tailed Beast Temple in the same area of Turtle Island. Just go to the statue room, and enter the one tailed statue, then kill the essence and it will teach you Saisei by 9% (up to 10%). Keep doing that in order, for the two tails, three tails, etc right up to the nine tails and you can train Saisei right up to 77%. A lot quicker than learning Reikon from Yurei! Saisei costs a lot more to activate than Reikon and it also dissipates if you leave the area, but it has two bonuses over Reikon: one is that it will activate on your entire group at once (including any pets and other players in your group) and the second one is that it self-repairs, at half normal cost, so no need to use a trigger to reactivate it - it will do it by itself. Great for when fighting those really long fights. It'll keep repairing itself forever so long as you have the chakra and don't leave the area. It deactivates if you use a transportation jutsu such as shunshin though.

We now have Ishoku: Implantation

7 April 2018

If you have either the Uchiha clan's sharingan kekkei genkai or the Yuki clan's hyoton kekkei genkai, you know how annoying it is to wait for your kekkei genkai counter to go up, especially if you overused it. Well, wait no longer, as now, at the expense of one of your own clansmen, you can heal up instantly 20-40% of your maximum by simply implanting their eyes (Uchiha) or veins (Yuki) into your body. For Uchiha, just go to the Uchiha secret area and kill the guards that greet you as you walk in, pick up their Uchiha eyes, and use Ishoku to implant them in your body. For Yuki, just go to Orochimaru's laboratory, just north of Orochimaru and find the sea monsters - yes, they are your own mutated clansmen. Kill them, get the veins and put them in your arms. Hey presto! Or, if you don't want to betray your own clan, you can just wait.

Added new main arc area Turtle Island

2 April 2018

We are finally back onto the main arc, with Turtle Island, 4th Shinobi War and The Moon aiming to fill a level gap from level 140 right through to infinity. Turtle Island is a floating turtle as big as an island and you have to find them just to the south of Cloud Village. Luckily, all of the village couriers realise the importance of this and are all prepared to take you instantly to Turtle Harbour, and it is then just 2 south (usually) to Turtle Island. He floats around a bit so you may have to wander a bit - but don't go north! Once on the island, you can either go down to fight fish or south to fight the aggressive Giant Squid and then the rest of the island. Other than copious amounts of Giant animals for you to level off, it also features the Falls of Truth and behind them Tailed Beast Temple, where you can fight tailed beast essences to gain proficiency in the new barrier technique Saisei. You can go to Killer Bee's house to try to steal his Samehada (doing so resurrects Kisame, who you can either kill to learn Saisei or do a mission to help him to escape from the island!) Lastly, you can go to Yamato's tree house, and, so long as you are at least Jounin rank, you can make your way through to the 4th Shinobi War area (which doesn't exist yet but hey). And Motoi, standing just south of the entrance, will courier you to all of those places so no need to get lost!

We now have a remort "exam"

7 March 2018

Whose bright idea was it to put Orochimaru in charge of remorting? But anyway that's what we've got. Orochimaru is saying something about wanting to steal Nagato's rinnegan and in turn he'll teach you his immortality jutsu (remorting). The upside of this is that it is a lot easier than the old way to remort. The downside of this is that if you were a cheater then that cheating option is no longer available. Aww. The exam is still very much doable though. Unlike the 4 actual exams, this one has no questions.

We now have Shadow Manipulation

3 March 2018

It's an embarrassment of riches that not only can you sneakily take over someone's mind with Shintenshin but you can very obviously take over their shadows and force them to be your pet with Kagemane, also known as Shadow Manipulation. It is kind of like the stock spell charm person but much, much better. Oh and you can do it to other players too, forcing them to group with you. It has a lot of practical usage too, but oh so much fun.

We now have Mind Control

28 February 2018

If, like me, you've always wanted to control someone's mind, then Shintenshin, or Mind Control, is the jutsu for you! With this, you can secretly take over someone's mind, letting you see all of their affects and equipment, kind of like letting you read their diary! It can also let you impersonate them. While players tend to notice, and it is easy to remove, if someone isn't paying attention, then suddenly they are on OOC saying all sorts of stuff. Also works on mobs, and if you find the right imm mob you can even impersonate immortals! In the wrong hands this could be terrible. Lots of fun. Oh and it has a practical purpose too blah blah blah.

We now have Ocarina

25 February 2018

Ocarina is probably the most fun part of the Genjutsu set, as it is an instrument (whose real name really is Ocarina) that you can use to, amongst other things, make you forget (it can also boost your strength or dexterity), which we are finding really useful, as a way to kai away all of your nasty affects, all at once. It also works on a whole room at once so you can do things like clear nasty stuff off your pet - or you can do it the other way and remove buffs from players mid-fight or pre-fight.

New area: Sora-Ku, including Ninneko (Ninja Cats)

24 February 2018

I stumbled upon this when researching how to do genjutsu and came across something on Narutopedia called "cat genjutsu", which, as it turned out, is performed by actual cats! This then gave the idea that the only reason that Jashin religion isn't powerful is the lack of pets so why not create high level Cat Ninja that can be bought as pets! While I started off with just a quick path to a single shop to buy Ninja Cats, I ended up designing a decent sized area, complete with 3 major sections for the cat shelter / shop, the Cat Fortress and the bandit area, and I even added a total of 6 special cat-only jutsu to go along with it, so they actually do cat genjutsu, as well as doing a chakra claw, throwing fleas and the basic attacks of scratch, bite and claw - all actually in the anime. I added a couple of well known cats from Japanese mythology to add to the unnamed cats mentioned in the anime but otherwise it is all really in the anime. I also put it right next to Konoha. This area is also known as the Uchiha Supply Base, but it is not just for Uchiha. We might even put a quest or two in here later. It's for level 30-180.

Started the Genjutsu set

23 February 2018

I designed the Genjutsu set a couple of months ago but now it has been started. As of writing, the Genjutsu Flower set has been completed, with the next set being the Ocarina set. The Genjutsu set won't be as big as the Ninja Arts set but it will be just as powerful. The aim is to have powerful jutsu all the way from 0 to 201, including your favourite genjutsu. The level 201 genjutsu has already been decided: Edo Tensei! But the mind control Hidan jutsu from Yamanaka clan and the shadow manipulate Hidan jutsu from Nara clan should be done first, as they are kind of related in terms of how they work, and it makes it easier that way.

Jashin is in as our 5th "blood summon" only it's not

22 February 2018

We've always wanted a 5th blood summon, and being able to work in Jashin into the system is something we are very excited about. Since Jashin religion followers can't have a kekkei genkai, it needs to be slightly stronger than existing blood summons (slug, toad, hound and serpent) though not too much stronger - we don't want it to be as strong as kekkei genkai, or anything close to it! To date, no players have agreed to honestly play test it or balance test it, with some players whinging that it is useless and others saying it is overpowered, so the jury is still out! Certainly, if you can't use a pet then it is weak but if you can use a pet then it is potentially overpowered. While testing it, we are allowing you to UNCOMMIT for free (usually 100 mission points).

Part 2 of the Mizukage tournament

22 February 2018

The 18 February 2018 Mizukage tournament ended in controversial circumstances with Niko receiving the most votes of anyone, 7, while the reigning mizukage, Kratos, only received 3. Since Niko's 2 battles only lasted for 3 rounds each, and neither were against Kratos, we decided to hold a second stage, just between the two of them, this time a bit more professionally run with 11 judges appointed, made up of the 5 who participated in the original tournament, the 4 active immortals, and the 2 long-term players who voted in the original tournament.

The second stage was held today and was logged by Niko.

Click here to view the log

As of 25 February, 3 days later, the votes were 3-3 from the 6 judges so far, with everyone giving it in a split decision. This one looks like it is going to go down to the wire, and we might need another Mizukage tournament to decide it.

The MUDDIVERSARY has ended

20 February 2018

10 days turned into 11 after we had a fat helpfile lead to a lengthy downtime but the time has finally ended and we are back to normal. But some of the temporary changes are permanent, as you keep your stuff when you die and there are no level restrictions based on ninja ranks, making exams largely optional - though it is still a good idea to do them in order to get the jutsu you get with each ninja rank. If you stay as an academy student then you don't even get to use barrier, let alone summons, reikon or sage mode, and you do need to be jounin before you can remort. We also have relement permanently so that if you don't like the elements you were given then you can change them.

We had a Mizukage tournament

18 February 2018

We held a mizukage tournament with the mizukage Kratos fighting off challenges from Samitachi, Raiseki, Charlee, Niko, Grimm and Adejuwon. How did he do? You decide.

Click here to look at the log of the 12 battles of the mizukage tournament and decide if you think Kratos should keep the title of mizukage or if someone else should take his place

We are doing Rinnegan!!!

13 February 2018

We are in the process of adding in rinnegan, which is going to be for mobs only to start with but sometime in the future we will give it to players, and not just to those from Uchiha clan only (as that's not actually what it's like in the anime or manga anyway and besides which that'd be unbalanced).

As of 19 February 2018 this is nearly complete.

Click here to read why rinnegan can be for all clans

Happy 10 year WONMUDDIVERSARY - 8 February 2018

8 February 2018

It is the 10 year anniversary of World of Naruto Multi-User Dungeon's opening!

To celebrate, we are holding a 10 day celebration (ending 18 February 2018), in which we have 10 cool things that you have been asking for over the past 10 years. Some of them might even become permanent fixtures!

The 10 cool things are:

  • (1) Double exp for all kills
  • (2) Double money gained from killing all mobs
  • (3) Gain any group for half price and any skill for 1 training point
  • (4) Can use practice points to get to 100% for any skill you can practice.
  • (5) Double mission point gains from all kage-run missions and wait time is now 1 minute.
  • (6) No level caps based on ninja ranks (i.e. no need to do any exams).
  • (7) Can remort (min level 201) without an immortality scroll (though you do need to be Jounin)
  • (8) Can uncommit to your blood summon for free anytime you want.
  • (9) Can use relement to remove your elements for free anytime you want until you get what you want.
  • (10) You do not lose experience points for dying or anything else.

    No more suitcases

    8 February 2018

    As of today, dying is no longer a devastating thing - it's just annoying!

    During the 10 day WONMUDDIVERSARY you won't even lose experience points but from 18 February you will go back to losing experience points, but not equipment! You just get sent to the hospital room with all of your equipment still worn on you. No more losing everything when you go linkdead or during a crash!

    Jashin religion is in!

    6 February 2018

    You've asked for it and we've listened - we now have Jashin religion! It is acting as a 5th blood summon - only it's not!

    Jashin at the moment is simply giving cheat death, though eventually it will have some version of the nasty stuff that Hidan used to kill Asuma. But right now it is in!

    Finished the big Ninja Arts set

    6 February 2018

    This set is HU-U-GE! It has sets from Tenten (level 19-109), Choji (22-100), Temari (60-114), Konan (92-154), Sai (118-155), Raiga (138-186), Deidara (152-192) and Kakuzu (188-199), a total of 75 new jutsu, of which only 7 can be used by other specialties. So go Ninja Arts! You've got 68 new jutsu that nobody else gets!

    Of note: Choji's body expansion, Konan's paper, Sai's ink wash and Kakuzu's earth grudge fear were all hidan jutsu, not kekkei genkai. Other people used both the body expansion and the ink wash, while Kakuzu's earth grudge fear wasn't even his own! He stole it.

    It is also of note that Deidara did have a kekkei genkai, but that was an explosion kekkei genkai. The clay he used was for general use.

    So enjoy!

    You can now make your own pills!

    1 February 2018

    Seizo lets players make their own pills - or for other players, for the first time allowing you to make your own meaningful pills!

    No more buying pills! No more relying on shops! Just do it yourself!

    There are specialty-based restrictions on what you can make and how you make it. Everyone can make health pills, though Nin/Tai use chakra (based on healing touch) while Gen/Art use stamina (based on herbal remedy), but only Gen/Nin can make chakra pills (based on chakra transfer) and only Art/Tai can make stamina pills (based on stamina transfer).

    Stamina Transfer and Chakra Transfer were created on 30 January - to give other players your own chakra and stamina.

    Added Sexy Jutsu and harem Jutsu!

    28 January 2018

    Sexy Jutsu, a variant of henge, gives a chance to stop an enemy in their tracks, as they stand there with their mouth open just staring at your sexy form.

    Harem Jutsu, utilising bunshins, creates a whole harem of sexy creatures, who can stop an enemy from fighting and knock them over!

    Not particularly useful jutsu but fun just the same!

    Removed change sex, teleport and nexus

    23 January 2018

    We inherited a number of commands from stock code and kept some for balance reasons but there is no longer any need for these 3 so they were removed!

    We look and feel more like Naruto every day!

    Added eight gates and ten supporting jutsu

    21 January 2018

    Gates 1 to 8 are all in, from Kaimon through to Shimon, as well as ten supporting techniques, from Omote Renge through to Evening Elephant. Many of them have cool things too. Check out the Ascii art on Asa Kujaku: Morning Peacock!

    The first 3 gates are available for everyone but to get all 8 gates you really want to be Taijutsu.

    Finished the Shikotsumyaku kekkei genkai for Kaguya clan

    17 January 2018

    This started back on 16 July 2017 so it is great to have it finally in. It includes all five dances and the one ninjutsu technique (finger bullets) that was shown in the anime and manga but then adds so much more.

    As well as finger bullets you also have leg bones turn into poisonous javelins, arm bones turn into spears and you can even turn your skull into a flaming cannon!

    On top of that, you can make your own powerful bone weapons and armour (much stronger than forged weapons and forged armour, though not as diverse and you can only make them for yourself).

    But perhaps the most fun part of them all is how you keep your bone health up. You eat corpses. The CONSUME command can be used to quickly regenerate bone health outside of battle. As a tip, it is best when used to kill children. Kaguya clan keeps children in their clan (CANKI to find them) just to be killed and have their bones eaten.


    Fully automated Chuunin, Tokubetsu and Jounin exams

    13 January 2018

    For a long time we have had an automated Genin exams and a semi-automated Chuunin exam but now it is fully automated. Just find an examiner and type START.

    It all works in exactly the same way as it always has but you don't need another player around to proctor for you.

    Also note that the exams will be optional as of 8 February 2018, instead giving bonuses such as the ability to use Barrier (Genin), summons (Chuunin), reikon (Tokubetsu) and sage mode (Jounin).

    For a full list of our more than 400 changes going back to 8 February 2008, type CHANGES or HELP CHANGES while in the MUD.


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