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25 February 2018 update

We are probably now about 40-50% of the way towards where I'd like us to be, with 3 functional kekkei genkai, a full Ninja Arts set, Jashin, eight chakra gates, fully automated exams and the ability to make your own pills. So what else is in the works? Here are some things that, in rough order, we are looking at:

Genjutsu set

I am in the middle of the Genjutsu set, which is planned to basically equal the Ninja Arts set only with less jutsu and they will work a bit differently. The aim is that a first time Genjutsu specialist can compete head to head with a first time Ninja Artist or first time Ninjutsu specialist or first time Taijutsu specialist. While it is yet to be decided for sure what jutsu makes the cut and what doesn't and how they all work, one thing is for sure: Edo Tensei will be the final and in many ways most important element of this, but to get there we will be doing Yamanaka's mind control and Nara's shadow manipulation first. Yes, I could just do Edo Tensei but it is a lot easier to do simpler things first which I can base it on.

Hawk summon

A relatively recent discussion was about having a 6th summon type being Hawk, which is probably the only other summon type shown in the anime and manga that can really be justified for the MUD, other than the ones we already have. Early ideas suggested adding two Tengu to the 3 hawk summons shown in the anime and manga, and giving them the ability to scout out an area for you, as well as letting you fly on their backs to save stamina points while walking from one area to the next, with their big buff being saving throws - after all, they are meant to be good luck.

Changing serpent summon

Serpent summons in the anime and manga were shown to demand to be fed regularly or else they would refuse to act as summons, as shown when Manda almost refused to help Orochimaru because he hadn't been fed enough - with the feeding being stated to be with human corpses. With this in mind, it seems obvious that we should have a kill counter for serpents, and that means that this is going to have to be off-limits for people with a kekkei genkai, just like how Jashin is off-limits. This combines with serpents being slightly stronger than the other 3 original summons and means that if we put the no kekkei genkai and kill counter restrictions on serpents then they'll probably be balanced with the rest. While this is a simple change, it should probably wait until after the hawk summon is in, and that in turn should wait until Jashin has been balance tested properly.

Taijutsu set

The eight chakra gates did not equate to all that Taijutsu has to offer. I plan to add in a lot more things for Taijutsu, which will likely include several more stances, as well as actual Muay Thai and Karate moves, including drunken fist, not to mention all of the well-known taijutsu moves from the anime and manga. We could end up with a very, very big set here.

Ninjutsu set

Ninjutsu is such a big set that it can almost be split into five, one for each element, and then having things like Yin element, Yang element and Yin-Yang element as well. For that reason, it is probably best to do the other sets first so that we can get some sensible balance out of it. The aim won't so much be to add every jutsu ever seen in Naruto as much as it is to add in the popular and famous ones. Ninjutsu specialists will probably find themselves unable to learn every jutsu and will have to make choices as to which ones to gain and which ones not to gain. The good thing is that most of them will be pretty simple to write. Amongst other things, this may add new versions of how hiraishin works.

A fourth kekkei genkai - Aburame clan's Kikaichu (destruction beetles)

While technically not a kekkei genkai, this one may as well be, since you need to hollow out your body to accommodate the beetles and since it is going to require kekkei genkai points, in this case equating to number of beetles, though it will not be activated like a kekkei genkai but rather when you decide to gather the beetles. You'll need at least 2 in order to breed, but your body can only host a certain maximum (5 per level, the same as the 3 kekkei genkai) but they will go up by themselves - so long as you have at least 2 left. If you don't, you'll have to go to the spot to collect more - so long as some are there. It won't have the same number of techniques as a kekkei genkai, as it will basically have attacks and a few things to smell and such, and it won't be a kekkei genkai. It also won't be clan-only, though for clans other than Aburame Clan they will need to get surgery. I like this as my fourth one because it will allow me to do other fun things, and it makes surgery more viable.


After Aburame clan is in, I think we can viably add surgery. Surgery would be easy enough to code. The only reason it isn't in already is because we only have 3 kekkei genkai, and if normal clans can use those 3 then it'd make things pretty boring. Nonetheless, I think if we have 4 (one of them not really being a kekkei genkai) then we can viably have surgery. Surgery would essentially allow you to insert DNA into your body to allow you to use a kekkei genkai. Uchiha would be eyes, Yuki would be arms (veins), Kaguya would be legs (bones) and Aburame might be chest (bugs). However, I am not going to allow you to use multiple kekkei genkai, nor will you get their full power. You'll only get 3 KG points per level instead of 5 and some high-level KG techniques will be off-limits to you. But you will be able to change surgery without remorting.

A fifth kekkei genkai - Hyuuga clan's gentle fist

I can see this as being very difficult to code but I can give it a go and see how it goes. Certainly, Aburame clan's Kikaichu will be much simpler to code. Nonetheless, a lot of players want this so it might be fun to have it. Perhaps we can have a simple version of it.

Ultimate weapons

I wanted to do ultimate weapons and tailed beasts in the same way in the sense that once you have an ultimate weapon it shows up on WHO and you can be targeted for it, forcibly giving the weapon to whoever killed you (mob or player) when you die. Ultimate weapons I envisaged being a lot simpler, with commands to upgrade your weapon and each individual weapon having perhaps 4 or 5 abilities, on top of your ability to use the weapon. Once you die with the ultimate weapon then someone else could kill whoever or whatever took it from you and then they can use it. The KUTS rules would come in place properly here, as you can only have one of Kekkei genkai, Ultimate weapon, Tailed beasts or Surgery (K-U-T-S). So no players with multiple ultimate weapons, a tailed beast, a kekkei genkai and 3 surgeries. Just one is all you get.

Tailed beasts

I had a go at doing tailed beasts a couple of years ago and it failed. Sometimes it is best to just stop doing something if it fails rather than hit your head against a wall too much. If in doubt, keep it simple, so that's what I'll be doing here.

These are all of the things that have been planned out. There might be more but that's all I can think of. As for a timeframe, if I work constantly 4 hours per day from now until this is all finished, it might take 2 or 3 years to get this much in, and then there's more to come afterwards. And whether I can spare that much time long-term is another issue entirely...


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