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Future Plans for World of Naruto

World of Naruto is less than 20% of the way towards where we would aim to be by the time that we officially opened! People are, nonetheless, playing the game, levelling, doing missions, and enjoying themselves. Unlike a number of other MUDs, we will not do a pwipe! Older players (in terms of the age of their characters) will not be disadvantaged! With any change, they will always be compensated so that they don't miss out.

The following is a list of the major plans for World of Naruto, and a description of them, in rough order of when we aim to create them:

Ninja Arts skill set

The following skills will work in basically the same way as Exploding Notes and Smoke Bombs:

Poison Gas - will do the same damage as Smoke Bombs (and half Exploding Notes), with the chance to disable beforehand, but will be Ninja Arts only, making it harder to disable for non-artists. It will poison every turn until the poison is cured, too. It can be put on a mob along with Exploding Notes and Smoke Bombs to all go off together. Stamina/Chakra cost is the same as with Exploding Notes and Smoke Bombs.

Exploding Clay - Deidara mixed clay with his mouth hands to defeat Gaara and capture the 1 tailed beast. Exploding Clay will use the same clay that he used, although obviously without the kekkei genkai they won't fly (etc). They will nonetheless do a lot of damage to a single opponent, with the chance of fire damage and damaging equipment. Will do similar damage to high-level Genjutsu skills and be a similar level.

Netting - throws a net at an opponent, which does no damage immediately but every turn it will do some damage until it is disabled or the opponent cuts themselves out of it. While netted, an opponent cannot flee. Each turn, there is a chance that they will wriggle out of it. It can be disabled too, but non-artists will find it difficult to get out of.

Fan - Temari used a giant fan to hurt opponents, and so too can all Ninja Artists. Using the Fan Ninja Art, they can force an opponent into a nearby room (Usage: Fan (direction) (enemy)), doing some damage in the process. If there is no opening in that direction, then they slam against the wall for even more damage. If netted then they are slammed no matter which direction, although it can release the net in doing so. The fan can be used to push mobs (and players) into deadly traps or simply to get them out of the way. If you don't choose a direction, then it will force them to try to flee.

There will also be a set of creation skills:

Summon Forge - A special scroll for summoning objects (Scroll of Forge Summoning) will enable a Ninja Artist to summon a forge to any location, so that they can make weapons and armour.

Create Weapon - will require 2 existing weapons and a forge. The Ninja Artist then melts down the existing weapons and uses their metal to create a new weapon. The new weapon will be 90%-95% as good as the best weapons of that level (i.e. ones you buy from a shop will still be slightly better, if you can find them). The forge can be summoned with SUMMON FORGE command.

Create Armour - will require 2 existing pieces of armour and a forge. This will work for most body locations.

Create Rings - will require 2 existing rings and a forge. Melts them down to create a new ring, with resistances.

Create Necklace - will require 2 existing necklaces and a forge. Makes a new necklace.

Create Sandals - will require 2 existing pairs of sandals (no forge needed, as they are leather). Makes a brand new set of new, improved, sandals.

There may potentially be creation skills to allow a Ninja Artist to make tools required for other skills (such as Exploding Notes themselves). Such a command would probably be called Create Tool.

Finally, and probably the hardest to create, will be puppetry skills. This will depend on how difficult it is to do.

Summon Puppet - summons a battle puppet to fight at the Ninja Artist's side. There may potentially be different kinds of puppets with different abilities.

Puppet Swap - swaps places with the puppet, so that the puppet takes all of the damage when fighting (although the Ninja Artist then can't fight).

Puppet Poison - the puppet's tries to shoot deadly poison at the enemy.

Puppet Trap - the puppet attempts to trap an enemy inside them, killing them instantly.

Ninjutsu re-work

Specific plans for what to do with Ninjutsu have not yet been worked out. The main aim is to put in every single general-use Ninjutsu from Naruto in to the game, in addition to getting rid of the annoying "perform" aspect of many Ninjutsus. This may end up with more Ninjutsu skills than there are for any other specialty, maybe even several times more. Where skills are difficult to write, they will be done as close as possible to the show.


On creation, players will be given an element (existing players will be given one when they log on). That element will be either Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning or Air. It will be 100% random which one you get, 20% chance of each.

At level 15 (or above) you can then get chakra paper and type USE PAPER and it will then tell you what element you have, based on what the paper does.

From level 1, damage from your elemental type will be 20% more than from others. Damage from its opposite will be 20% less. You will get 20% more resistance against your elemental type. You will have 20% more vulnerability against its opposite.

Fire - does more damage against Air, is vulnerable to Water.

Water - does more damage against Fire, is vulnerable to Lightning.

Lightning - does more damage against Water, is vulnerable to Earth.

Earth - does more damage against Lightning, is vulnerable to Air.

Air - does more damage against Earth, is vulnerable to Fire.

In other words, a Fire Element Ninja will have fire attacks do 20% more damage, but their water attacks will do 20% less. Also, fire attacks to them do 20% less damage, while water attacks do 20% more. A Fire Element Ninja doesn't want to be up against a Water Element Ninja in PVP!

At level 100, ninjas get a 2nd element. This element will not be their opposite, either the element that they are vulnerable to or the element that they do more damage to. Thus, each element will have only 2 choices for a 2nd element. The reason for this is because if we allowed Water + Fire, then you'd be both vulnerable and resistant at the same time, and hence do normal damage! Obviously, the two elements would never both bond to the same ninja.

Possible combinations:

Fire + Lightning = Electric Fire

Water + Earth = Mud

Lightning + Air = Sound

Earth + Fire = Lava

Air + Water = Ice

Potentially, we could have special jutsus (perhaps 1 per combo element) that could do special kinds of damage. These might be:

Electric Fire Element Jutsu: Electric Fire - this would be a fire that you can't put out very easily. It won't go out with water, only with blankets and even then it is hard to put out. A person afflicted would keep burning and shocking every round, doing both fire and electricity damage, damaging equipment, making them blind and so forth.

Mud Element Jutsu: Mud Slide - this would make an opponent slip and slide. It would be hard to stand up, they might get stuck solid in one position and be unable to flee or to dodge very easily. Their physical attacks won't work nearly as well.

Sound Element Jutsu: Ear Shattering - this would damage the ear drums so that you can't hear at all. You will stop seeing damage messages, OOC, says, emotes, your score, your prompt, or much else. It'd be hard to figure out what was going on until it wore off. It'd also make it very hard to fight.

Lava Element Jutsu: Lava Death - would create a stream of lava that would do massive damage and attempt to kill outright. Lava would also attempt to destroy equipment.

Ice Element Jutsu: Freezing Pain - would attempt to freeze an opponent outright, so that they cannot move at all until hit or warmed up. When hit, the ice shatters, causing large damage. If frozen outside of battle, you can't move at all for quite some time, with nothing working until it finally wears off.

How this would happen:

The mud already has damage types. This includes fire and lightning. Cold damage is clearly water, while poison could be air and acid could be earth. There are an additional 16 other damage types (not counting physical attacks). These could be split into the 5 types of elements.

That would mean that all non-physical jutsus would have an element attached to them. All of the commands would need to have a bit added to do more damage if it is your element or less if it is your dampening element. Players would also need to have a vulnerability and resistance section added, as mobs have.

The first step in adding this would probably be to change help files so that it was made clear which element controls which jutsus. Whilst this would primarily affect Ninjutsu, it would also affect most Genjutsu and a few Artist or even Taijutsu moves.

Even for players who are not Ninjutsu, it would still affect their resistances and vulnerabilities.

Blood Summons

We now have 4th level blood summons in, with a minimum level of 101. As there are no players at level 151, we have not yet put in 5th level blood summons. The exact hitpoints and damage may be changed in time. Furthermore, right now only the 1st level summons have their proper skill sets. Given enough time, all of the blood summons will have them, or a close approximation to them.


Mon is apparently the lesser version of Ryo in ancient Japanese currency. We had been using ryo. Whilst in ancient Japan it seems to have been 4000 Mon to every 1 Ryo, we will likely stick to 100:1 as before. This will add some realism and remove some confusion.

Roleplay Emote/OOC Emote and other social commands

Some time ago a player requested for the Roleplay channel to have RPE to allow you to emote globally to the Roleplaying channel. OOE would do much the same thing. I haven't yet checked to see how tough this is to do.

Canki (Clan Anki), Ganki (Guild Anki) and Vanki (Village Anki)

This could potentially be done in 2 ways: either Anki Guild, Anki Clan and Anki Village lets you choose between the 3 places to anki to, and then Anki takes you back to your last choice, or to use Canki, Ganki and Vanki with Anki by itself going back to your village. This command needs to wait until we have built rooms for every clan and every guild.

Building Naruto-real zones

Right now we only have a handful of zones that are truly original and real to Naruto. Eventually we aim to have every single character ever mentioned in Naruto as an NPC, every area mentioned, and link them up according to realistic maps from the show. We have only done a fraction of what we aim to do.

Building high-level zones

Right now the only level 50+ zone is the crypt, which is as of yet incomplete. We will eventually have zones for such things as the Great Ninja Wars, Land of the Demons, and a variety of other places that we might make up yet are realistic to Naruto.

High level skills

It has basically been decided that high level skills will be learned from scrolls, which will either be gained from quests or as random drops from certain mobs. Some of the skills will be forbidden jutsus, while others will just be hard to get skills. This is not a priority right now as we need to get the standard level things done first. Including amongst these skills are 8 gates. Another one might be Kirijutsu (instant kills).

Village-specific skills

Each village will have a set of their own skills. Each village will have their own type of dragon breath and their own type of clones. All ninjas will be able to learn these village-only skills. There may be other types of village-specific skills that we might make up.

Clan-specific skills

Every clan will similarly have their own set of skills. Unlike regular skills and village-only skills, clan-only skills will be learned randomly in battle, as happened with Sasuke learning Sharingan while fighting Haku. They will have a minimum level that a player might gain them but gaining the skills will be random in this way. Each clan will have equal clan-only skills, including those with kekkei genkai and those without. They will nonetheless be an approximation of what they are in the show. These will be added 1 from each clan then a 2nd from each clan and so forth.

Guild-specific skills

Each guild will get a select number of guild-specific skills that are appropriate to the guild, in terms of Naruto. These will be gained when you join the guild and lost when you leave. To encourage choice, players who do not join a guild (and those in Loner etc) will probably also have special extra skills, which will similarly be lost when joining a guild.

This page is in rough order of priorities, in other words which order the skills are likely to be added.


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