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In the Naruto universe, as designed by Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto, the world was split up into countries, which in turn were split up into villages, both hidden villages which were home to ninjas, and regular villages. Some people simply lived in houses and were not a part of a village, or town, at all. Ninjas made a living from helping out the non-ninja lands by doing missions for them, in return for money and also fame and a good name. A ninja was proud of their home village, and, once they passed their Genin exams, they wore a forehead protector with their village's emblem on it to signify their relationship to this village.

On some occasions, however, a ninja would betray their village and become a missing nin. Sometimes they did this so as to join a rival village. Other times it was simply to live as an outlaw.

The Naruto universe is split up into 5 main countries, based on the 5 elements described in the series: Fire Country, Water Country, Wind Country, Earth Country and Lightning Country. Each of these countries had one of the main villages. Fire Country had Leaf Village, Water Country had Mist Village, Earth Country had Rock Village, Wind Country had Sand Village, and Lightning Country had Cloud Village.

In addition to these 5 main hidden villages, there were a number of other less well known hidden villages, which include Sound Village within Rice Fields Country, Grass Village within Grass Country and Rain Village within Rain Country. Whilst there were as many as 15 other lesser hidden villages, these 3 gained the most attention in the series, other than the 5 main villages.

Within each village resides a number of clans, or families. Whilst individual clan members may change villages (becoming a missing nin first), the clan itself generally stays in the same village unless the entire clan has a serious dispute with the village itself, which is a very rare event. Thus, a ninja is not only born to a village but to a clan within that village. From there, they choose what kind of ninja they will be.


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