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WARNING: The Java link below works, but is *VERY BAD QUALITY*. Think of it like a demo. If you want to play properly, spend the time to download a MUD client (such as GMud) so that you can enjoy the game as it is intended.

You can connect right now one of two ways. Either with your own MUD client or with our own basic java telnet client

If using a MUD client such as GMud, type in the following into your client: host: port: 9000

Telnet Connect Now(WARNING: Only use if you have set up a MUD client such as GMud to work through your browser)
Java Connect Now (WARNING: Very bad quality)

If you don't have a MUD client, try downloading GMud from Valiant Games

If you don't have Java, try downloading it from Sun Microsystems

If you still can't figure it out, have a look at The Mud Connector's extensive resource list

If you can't figure out how to use java or telnet, or otherwise are still confused about it all, try looking at our notes on How to Play


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