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Special Thanks From World of Naruto

About The Staff. Thanks go out to the following individuals who help us out on a daily basis. Without their support, this game would not be what it currently is.

Immortals of World of Naruto:

Coder / Owner:

  • Ichike


  • Acnologia
  • Atech
  • Diksha
  • Raichek
  • Talle

    Thank you also to the following people:

  • Mud Magic - for hosting us, and for all of the help to get us started
  • The Mud Connector - for all of their help and advice for how to get started with this
  • Mud Byes code repository - Where I got a lot of code snippets from to help to make this great
  • Mud Magic code repository - Another place where I got lots of code snippets from

  • All of the people who have come on to help to test the code, have given advice, tips, reported bugs and poor balance issues, had ideas, and so forth.


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