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Steps to gain the Immortality jutsu

Pass the Tokubetsu exam

From Iruka (Anki, up, down), go 2s8e1s6e
Enter Paper
Kill Konan - level 200 fights with paper (clay/exploding note)
Get Paper Key
Unlock up, open up, up
In 25 room maze
Find the 6 realms - Food, Hell, Demon, Animal, Spirit, God
Kill a realm - all level 250 - all besides Animal have a breath attack. Animal summons 5 level 150 animals.
Each realm has a 1/3 chance of giving you a portal to Pein's dimension
Drop portal, enter portal
Kill Pein - level 300 - attacks on sight - has all breath attacks and hits very, very hard with lots of hps
Get 6 keys off him (each time you kill him there is a 1/5 chance that he will give you a key - i.e. 1/30 chance of each individual key)
Use 1st key to unlock up, open up to 1st Path of Pain
Use 2nd key to unlock up, open up to 2nd Path of Pain
Use 3rd key to unlock up, open up to 3rd Path of Pain
Use 4th key to unlock up, open up to 4th Path of Pain
Use 5th key to unlock up, open up to 5th Path of Pain
Use 6th key to unlock up, open up to 6th Path of Pain
Pick lock up to unlock door to the 6 Paths of Pain (lock is infuriating, no key)
In 19 room maze
All 19 rooms have level 200 "Agent of Pain" who you can kill. All room descriptions look the same.
Find the "correct" Agent of Pain, who will then summon Pein, Konan, all 6 Realms plus all 5 level 150 animal summons, who all attack on sight
Pein will assist - he will not attack first - thus you cannot target Pein - MUST kill other bodies first.
If you kill anyone other than Pein, they will be regenerated when you re-enter the room
If you kill an animal summon but Animal Realm is still alive, Animal Realm will regenerate the animal summon
You need to kill Pein to get the Immortality Jutsu scroll

That is what we have done so far! The final mob will hit for about 3,000-5,000 hps per round through sanc and buffs (less if you have bound them etc) plus 5 realms and Pein have breaths (Pein multiple).
Therefore, we do not believe that it is possible to kill Pein solo. It might be possible with a team of 5 or 6 max level players, in runs.

Plans for the rest:

Eventually, we will make an Orochimaru Laboratory, where he runs tests on various subjects, keeping them in suspended animation.
He will have 1 of every clan, and of every specialty within that clan.
You will then need to find the one that you like, stand next to them, and type IMMORTALITY .
We may make it hard to get into the Orochimaru Laboratory too.

All of this sounds tough, but of course in time people will figure out how to do it. If it bleeds, you can kill it.


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