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World of Naruto Newbie Guide
Written by Vasuka

Welcome to the World of Naruto. Your Ninja adventure begins here.

In this guide you will find hints and tips that will help you on your way to becoming a legend within the World of Naruto.
You will also find a walkthrough of how to best get from your first level up to level 10 and past the first milestone in the shinobi world, the Genin Exams.

Now that you have created your character and picked your clan and speciality, whether it be:
or Taijutsu

It is time to begin your adventure.

The first thing that needs to be done is to go north of where you start then go east or west.
This will bring you to either Kakashi or Maito Gai.
From here you can practice what skills you have or train you stats.

Lets begin with stat training.
Type Train to view the stats you can train
It should show

Hp=Health Points
Chakra=The power a ninja uses to perform jutsu
Stamina=The power used for physical attacks (especially by Taijutsu users) and for movement

Typing help (name of stat) will also bring up a help file on each stat.

The best stats to train when starting out are normally Con and Wis.
This will allow for better Hp and practice gains as you level up.
You start with 20 trains so put them on what you feel is best.
To train something, type train (name of stat).
Keep doing this until you have run out of trains.

Next type prac, which will show a list of the jutsu and moves that you know so far and the number of practices you have to spend.
By typing prac (name of Skill or jutsu) the percentage learnt on the jutsu will rise, as you practice the skill.
Now you have learnt to practice and train your skills.

Go back west if you are at Kakashi or east if at Gai then go north then west.
This will bring you into room called the center room.
From here go north twice then down.
Standing here is a monster called blob.

To find out if you can kill this creature type con blob and you will be shown how you would fare against it.
The blob is far too dangerous to kill but will help learn the next thing a wise Ninja needs to know, which is how to flee from a battle.
To Attack the Blob type Kill blob then to flee, type flee you should run from the battle and again be in the room above the blob.
From this room go west and then down.

This should bring you to Kurenai's Genjutsu trickery rooms and the start to your leveling.
You are standing in the center of this room and in all directions (north, south, east and west) are monsters to kill.
Pick a direction and type kill mon to start the battle.
Now your character will start hitting the monster with its weapon.
You can also use any skills or jutsu you have practiced earlier on.
To use jutsu type perform or p for short then the name of the Jutsu/skill.
For some skills, just type the name of the skill or jutsu to use it. Check on its usage by looking at help first.

If you chose Ninjutsu, try typing perform chakra monster
If you chose Genjutsu, try typing distortion monster
If you chose Taijutsu, try typing choku monster
If you chose Ninja Arts, try typing throw monster
(For all skills, once the fight has started, you can just type perform chakra, distortion, choku or throw)
Remember that using this will cost chakra or stamina, or perhaps both.

Once the monster is dead you will gain some experience, money known as Ryo and Mon and some starting equipment.
To view what equipment you are holding type I.
This is short for Inventory.
To use the equipment type wear (equipment name) or to just put it all on type wear all.
To view what you are wearing type eq or equipment.

There are three levels to each monster coming from the center room.
Right now, until you raise a level, stick to going only one north, south, east or west to fight monsters.
The easiest (level 1) creatures are called "monsters", the harder ones (level 2) are called "practice dummies" and the hardest ones (level 3) are called "ravenous practice dummies".
The harder ones are further out.
Keep on fighting until you level up.

Then type Anki then go up then north then back to kakashi and Gai to once again train your stats and practice your Jutsu/Skills.
Keep doing this each time you level up.
Follow the orginal route back to Kurenai.

After a while of fighting in Kurenai's genjutsu trickery rooms the xp you gain will drop so it is time to move on you should be around level 3 or 4 by now and have all the equipment you need to carry on.
So now while in the center room say mission.
Kurenai will give you a mission to help her friend Anko so now go down.
In this room there are only two exits south and back up to Kurenai.
We want to go south.
This will bring you to Anko and the start of your mission.

Say I will help you
Anko will tell you a rat has stolen her ribbon and she wants you to get it back.

Now go north then type open east.
This will open up a closed door adding another exit so go east.
From this room go north and kill the rat to get the ribbon.
This battle should be no problem after you've leveled so much at Kurenai.
Now south then west and south back to Anko.
To give Anko her ribbon you have gotten from the rat type Give Ribbon Anko
Your mission is a success and she will give you a key as thanks.
You will have gained some equipment also from the rat.
Remember to wear it now then go north and east.
The only exit here is north back to where you fought the rat but if you type unlock east.
A door will unlock using the key Anko gave you.
Now open the door and go east.

In this room you will be greeted by Asuma Sarutobi.
He wants you to kill the graduation practice dummy so go ahead and attack it.
When the battle is over you will be congratulated with an academy forehead protector.
You can't wear this until you are level 5 so from here type open north and head north to the leaf village forest.

Now you are standing in the leaf village forest and it is time for some more levels.
Wander around killing the rabbits, lizards, snails, foxes and boars that litter the place.
Also, at the very centre of the forest is a trapdoor leading to a cave with slighter harder (level 5-6) creatures.
You should be able to make it to level 5 or 6 doing so.
Once level 6 it is time to move onto something bigger and better.

Type Anki to go back to your Village starting point and then go up then down.
You should be standing next to Iruka.
From here we are going to go to the dummy factory.
From Iruka go south twice, three times west, three times south then go east.

In this area are various dummy-like creatures for you to kill.
Remember to type consider for every creature as some are tougher than others.
Hanging round here and leveling should take you to level 10.

Now you are level 10 it is time for the Genin exam but before that buying some new equipment would be a good idea and from all the fights you've been in you should have some good money.
Go back to Iruka using Anki then up and down.
From Iruka, go south twice and then for weapons go two east then north and for armor twice west and north.
Buy what you need and head back to Iruka so you can head off to the Genin exams.

If you picked the leaf village to start with then you just need to go from you anki point if not then from Iruka.
A small note by now you should have practiced:
Shuriken Throw
and Chokuzuki

If not, then go north of Iruka and practice them at Shizune.
You will need them for the exam.

Ok now from Iruka go 3 south, 3 west, 3 south, 3 east, 2 south, 2 east then up.
You should be at Jaga the Hokage of Konoha.
Now go as far north as you can then type open north.
From there go one more north. Next travel 1 east, 1 north, 3 east, 4 south, 1 east and one north you are now ready for the Genin exams.

Type start and follow the Instructions on screen.

The first part of the exams tests your henge, kawarimi, shuriken throw and chukuzuki skills - you can't pass if you haven't practiced them.
The second part of the exam is a series of questions on the Naruto Manga/Anime and general Naruto fact.
After passing that, you will come to the Bells test, which is a trick.
It is virtually impossible to steal the bells, so instead you should simply type continue to "fail" (but not really).
This is a test of your ability to recognise trickery.
After "failing", the examiner opens a door north, so go north.
There will be three people in this room: one of them is a Genin exam cheater.
Type get all Basket and they type Give Rice Cheater.
You will get a message saying you shouldn't have done that and that hopefully the examiner didnt notice, which should remind you of the Anime/Manga.
Now go back south and type continue.

You will now be a Genin.
The next step is to pick where you want to wear you Genin headband.
Just follow what is on screen and you should have no problem.

This is the end of this guide.
I hope you have had an easy time getting to this point.
Your next step is the Chuunin exams but that is some time yet.
For now you have many battles and missions ahead of you.

Notes (People of Importance)


Ichike (The Muds Creator and head Imm)
Rico (Coder, Builder and all round Imm)
Darq (The main Helper Imm)
Toi (Builder Imm)
Argban (Roleplay Imm)
Reki (Builder and Mob Program Imm)
Mochimaru (Bug fixer Imm)

Newbie Helpers:

Mantis (Helper and Kaguya Clan leader)
Hazeth (Helper and Anbu Leader)

All these people will be willing to help as will any of the other players this is a very friendly place to be and no trouble should find you.

Thanks for Reading and Hope you enjoy your time at World of Naruto.

This guide was made possible thanks to all the people of this mud Vasuka Hoshigaki.


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